Contact: +91 9052538646
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Our Address:

Rakshitha oldage home,
Plot no.152,Sunshine Towers,
Opp. Word& Deed School,
Midhani Colony,Road No.4,

Cell: +91 9052538646

Ashram for aged.

  • On medical grounds.
  • For persons sufferings from stroke paralysis dementia.
  • Parkinsons ortho and neuro problems.

For general reasons.

  • Retired vrs persons silvers bachelors.
  • Depressed bed ridden.
  • Guest of residents while children are abroad out station.
  • For social interaction.

Hospital for elderly.

  • Psychological counseling.
  • Allopathy homeopathy and ayurveda.
  • Yoga naturopathy.
  • Physiotherapy.

Upcoming Branches:

  • Visakhapatnam
  • Vijayawada

Donate us:

  • Bank of Maharastra Rakshitha walfare society A/C Number: 60091850534 (IFSC CODE : MAHB0001577 )
  • SBI V.SRIDEVAJA A/C Number :20060040613 ( IFS Code: SBIN0003184)

Welcome To Rakshitha Home for Aged
A heaven for needy elders

Rakshitha is a heaven for needy elders. We are committed to extend much needed love and happiness to the elders despite their age. We conduct psychological programs for the sick and bed ridden to understand their feelings. Motivating and inspiring them to understand the essence of being happy and further increase their life satisfaction help in to serve them better.


The concept of the old age home has become quite familiar today, but often for the wrong reasons. The idea seems to evoke a sigh of pity which is uncalled for. Firstly, it has been ascertained by social surveys that there need not be any stigma attached to the residents of old age homes and neither do they require our pity. Secondly, many parents of middle class families are neither neglected nor abandoned by their children.

But, in this age of MNCs and FDIs, working professionals today are compelled to move away from home and work in faraway places. The elders of such families often do not wish to live permanently with their children in strange and distant places. Except for visits, they prefer to be live in their own homes.

It is well known fact that many NRIs have their parents or relatives staying alone in Hyderabad or other places in India. Most probably they are a worried group who themselves are helpless for being unable to give company and are left worrying about their near and dear ones in the matter of giving them a SECURED as well as comfortable life without the feeling of loneliness. There are only a very few old age homes who can cater to old people of this group. We are confident to cater this group who have resources but are unable to look after themselves effectively.

Sometimes it is found that children along with their parents are more conscious of the so called stigma of the Old Age Home rather than the COMFORT in the old age and opting for buying expensive flats and making arrangement of enough helping hands to serve them. But it has been found that this is NOT helping the old people to come out of the feeling of LONELINESS. Moreover, the headache of running the house still lies on the old people which money cannot buy and often becomes the target of cheating - even murder.

The less privileged elderly need our love and care.
Our little contribution to make their world healthier and happier.